Greensboro Clowns

We've all been there: huddled around, planning for our child's birthday party. And here we are, shaking terribly, and why? Because these are important events for our children--the first few major social events in their lives come to define how they feel about being social at all. It is vital that these events are memorable and fun-filled so our children remember their childhoods in ardent fondness. By hiring a clown, you can easily satisfy this need. A clown is a gifted entertainer who is well-trained in entertaining children, and a good clown is extremely adaptable to any new environments. Not all clowns are made the same, however. The following guide will teach you everything you need to know about hiring the right clown for your event--one that will be entertaining, inclusive, adaptable, and unforgettable.

Begin by asking around to friends and family. See if any of them have utilized a clown service recently that they would recommend. After compiling that list, do your own search through a phone book or by typing "clown services near me" or "child entertainment companies near me"into a search engine. When looking at the website for the clown service or entertainment company, take notes on the details such as price, reviews, and video examples of their act. Begin making phone calls to the services that you have listed and ask them about the clown's act by first describing your event and what it is that you're looking for. The more details they can provide, the more likely they are to be a quality service. Ask about their availability and rates and then set up an interview. The interview is your chance to meet with the performer to come up with a plan, as well as to gauge their professionalism before hiring them for your party or event, because there's nothing worse than being surprised with an unprofessional clown.

Clowns are such a fantastic idea to hire for a child's birthday party because they are inclusive, adaptable, and entertaining. A clown can perform at any kind of event and will still make every single member of the audience feel engaged and important. Whether the event is a small, backyard child's party, or a party at a larger venue like a park or a banquet hall, a clown would be able to adapt their performance. For a large party they would be able to walk around to small, individual groups and perform personal shows such as coin tricks, balloon animals, and face painting, or they can perform in front of an entire small group and center their acts around respectful slapstick comedy, large magic tricks, and with a focus on the birthday kid! Clowns make everyone laugh--even if someone think they're afraid of clown, they'll be surprised upon meeting one that they are actually wonderful entertainers, and awesome people!