Greensboro Bounce Houses

Let's face it, when it comes to entertaining children at parties, you're best off sticking your smart phone into their hands with Tetris or Farmville downloaded on it and sitting them in a corner with a leash wrapped around one of their wrists. This is at least the safest way to entertain them for an extended period of time with minimal adult supervision, and with going out to parties and events being one of our only chances to actually get some decent conversation in with our peers, having minimal adult supervision for our children is key. But with our childrens' boundless energy, and the fleeting battery lives on our phones, forcibly restricting our children to the perimeters of the party is just not a viable option. So how can we keep our children entertained, safe, active, but with minimal adult supervision? The best way to solve this issue is by renting a Bounce House. A Bounce House is a large, inflatable structure with four mesh walls that allows up to about a dozen children to safely bounce around inside of it at once. It is a remarkable feat of human engineering, and we, as parents, collectively love whoever it is that invented them.

A professional bounce house is a great option for children's entertainment at any event that children will be present in. Whether it be a family reunion, a company picnic, a school field day, or a child's party--a bounce house will be a great addition to your event. Bounce Houses can come in any number of designs--just take your pick! You can get a bounce house with a "location" theme, such as a jungle adventure theme, a space station theme, an "under the sea" theme, or the traditional castle theme for Princess or Knight themed parties. You can also pick from a countless number of licensed character designs such a Disney/Pixar's 'Toy Story', Despicable Me's 'Minions', and Star Wars! With all of the different design options available, you will have no problem finding the perfect bounce house for whatever event that you're throwing. Many bounce house providers also have a great number of features and add-ons available to their bounce houses. Features such as a slide coming from the side of the bounce house, ball-pit add-ons, and even some with water features like water slides and slip-n-slides!

With all of the variety and options available for renting a bounce house available, you will have no problem finding the right one for your purposes. The entertaining, engaging, and safe option of a bounce house will soon become a staple in any of the parties that you throw in the future.